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Rolling Stock

Fact file of the locomotives and rolling stock of the NWDMR

Stafford 0-4-0st 'R.J Goulding'


R.J Goulding’ is a Stafford class 0-4-0st steam locomotive built by Station Road Steam in Lincolnshire in 2013 for her previous owner the late 'Richard Goulding', of whom the locomotive is now named after. 

The loco ran a few times on a temporary track at Lodge Farm Park in Romford during the early days of the Havering Miniature Railway Club. 

In 2017 the Epping Ongar Miniature Railway Group (EOMRG) purchased the loco for use on their portable track based at the Epping Ongar Heritage Line. The EOMRG was absorbed into the NWDMR when Blue Diamond offered the group the current site at the Harlow Garden Centre. 'R.J Goulding' returned to Lodge Farm Park for a brief visit, attending their Grand Opening as a visiting locomotive before finally arriving at her new home at the NWDMR in August 2019.


In 2020 she underwent a cosmetic overhaul and returned to steam in May 2021!

Status: Undergoing maintenance period



Jenko, is a diesel electric locomotive, privately owned by Jenkins locomotives, Jenko came to us from the Lodge Farm Park Railway in Romford, and has played a big part in both hauling passengers and hauling engineering trains building the railway. It's seen on most running days, as one of our main locos. Jenko was built in 2014 by Phoenix Locomotives of Southport. Jenko was purchased brand new also by the late Richard Goulding, so it seems fitting that both of his locomotives now reside at the NWDMR. 

Status: Operational



‘Bigfoot’, is an American switcher style battery locomotive, that came to us from the Epping Ongar Miniature Railway Group. The locomotive was built by the ‘Large Scale Locomotive Company’ based in Wales in 2018, it was operated by the EOMRG on their portable track at various events around Essex before arriving at the NWMDR in December 2019.

Status: Out of service - Awaiting Overhaul


L33 'Talpa'

L33 is a beautiful scale model of a London Underground battery locomotive, used on engineering trains across the LU Network. The full size L33 was built in 1962 by the London Passenger Transport Board, but was sadly scrapped some time ago. This L33 is privately owned and is the only one of its type in 7 1/4" gauge. L33 is on a long term stay at the NWDMR. 

Status: Out of service - Awaiting motor replacement


CMD Knight Class 'Frances'

Frances is a CMD Engineering Knight class petrol hydraulic locomotive. Delivered brand new to the railway in January 2021. Built by CMD Engineering in Kent, 'Frances' is privately owned by Jenkins Locomotives. It's a 7 Horsepower locomotive and was named in honour of a late Family member, the locomotive being ordered just before they past away.

Status: Operational


Warship Class 'Onslaught' 

Phoenix Locos Class 42 Warship, in BR Green. Powerful Locomotive as per in real life and is a fine replica of the real life locomotive in 1/8" scale. This features electric drive with realistic sound, to sound like the full sized loco. This is privately owned and will be seen hauling services from Spring 2022.

Status: Operational

In the works


Romulus class steam locomotive "Endurance"

Endurance is a Romulus class 0-4-0WT locomotive, currently under construction by the railways engineering team. Construction began in summer 2021. The loco is named after the ex Royal Navy icebreaker 'HMS Endurance'. 

Status: Under construction


MP500 Sit in battery loco

A locomotive based on the Isle of Man MP500 loco, is being built for the railway by 'Large Scale Loco's in Wales. A large Battery sit in locomotive with an extreme amount of weight behind it, to haul our heaviest services.

Status: Under Construction

Visiting Locomotives

We often host a variety of visiting locomotives throughout the year, particularly at gala events, keep an eye out for special event days on our Facebook feed. We welcome visitors, so please contact us and we can advise you of the requirements.


Passenger Stock


We have a fleet of 4 Blue sit in coaches, built by CMD Engineering. Previously ran on the Fenn Bell Miniature Railway & The Barnards Miniature Railway.


Owned by Jenkins locomotives two car set of coaches, that used to run on the ex Barleylands Miniature Railway & Barnards & Havering Miniature Railways , are now resident on the NWDMR. These are about 30 years old and offer a nice bit of heritage.